Sunday, January 31, 2010

To anyone who has ever made a S'more... MURDERER!!!

Greetings from my Evil Lair somewhere in Illinois... far away from humanity, that very same humanity which thinks it decent to IMPALE my brethren, the Marshmallows, upon a pointy stick and then ROAST them alive over an open fire!

Only to be then SQUISHED in between 2 graham crackers, along with a bisected chocolate bar! A despicable demise to be sure!

My twin brother Mr. Toasty has lost his mind... he's the "good" one you know. He not only feels this is an acceptable campfire activity, but whole-heartedly endorses an iPhone App: S'mores!

He is a FOOL. I shall begin my unending tyrant of HATE with the very thing he holds dear, S'mores.

Rest assured it shall not end here...